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I am John Conway. I have over 30 years of senior experience with banks and investment companies in varying roles.  You will be dealing with me directly from start to finish.  Our reports are reviewed by a team of professionals.

John Conway


We deal in investment fraud, discretionary trading, negligence, compliance, due diligence, all securities and banking violations, and expert witness testimony.  All securities such as options, futures, equities, fixed income, ETFs, index funds, and virtually any derivative are covered.  All types of bank loans, mortgages, personal lines of credit, and any other collateralized obligations are covered.



In the many cases we have dealt with over the years we have never had a negative outcome.  
When acting for plaintiffs, the defendants either withdrew their case, settled out of court or were unsuccessful in court.  When acting for defendants, the plaintiffs either withdrew their actions
or settled nominally.



John Conway & Associates            



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